Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Cheapest Airlines

At present, the cheapest airlines or usually known as low-cost carriers are easily accessed from many airlines providers. No matter for domestic flights or international flights, these low-cost airlines providers would be able to give us, as their customer with the cheapest airlines fares.

In general, low-cost carriers' increasingly high demand and vast market among users and customers. And due to this, the trend have grown much more rapidly up to these days. To travel by air for most users and customers are no longer something that is out of ability now.

Nevertheless, to have an extra profit beside from the cheapest airlines fares given, most of the low-cost airline providers will have extra charges such as in flight meals, seat choice, priority boarding, baggage, counter check-in service, insurance and others. These extra charges means the extra services that are fully depending on us to choose. As consumers of the low-cost carriers, you should know how to choose wisely either these extra services so that you get the cheapest value on your airline ticket.

Apart from this, the first planning is very important; to enjoy the cheapest airlines tickets you must plan your flight and travelling schedule as early as possible. Book and buy your tickets on-line as early as 3 or 4 weeks before flight date, you also can select any date with air ticket promotion price. Try not choose the departure date in the days of public holidays or school holidays, because in those days was very crowded and full of demands, do not be surprised if the price of a ticket on these days are quite high than usual. The other service that you can do on-line for free is self check-in. This would greatly avoid extra charge when you go for their service counter for check-in.

Limit baggage according to your needs, keep in mind that excess baggage's weight shall be charged. Ignore services that are not necessary to you such as boarding priority or seat choice. You can also choose to not get insurance coverage for your short flight, if you want to.

Similarly, the in-flight food, you may not need food if your flight takes only 45 minutes!

Some of the cheapest airlines provider will have their cabin crew to promote and sales their merchandise to the passengers on board. In particular, these merchandises are quite special and unique because you are not be able to get them anywhere else and yet be very careful when choosing it because the price is likely quite high when compared with the relatively similar goods that you can find easily on ground.

As the conclusion, how much of real savings you can get benefit from the cheapest airlines ticket price actually depends on your own choice and decisions. So make wise judgements. Clearly decide on the services that you really needs and you will be happily flying with your cheapest airlines fares.